The Journal of Pediatrics and Pediatric Medicine is an International peer-reviewed open access journal which aims to provide untainted and factual scientific information for the healthy tomorrows of infants, children and adolescents. The Journal of Pediatrics and Pediatric medicine continues to promote the latest expansions in pediatric medicine, child health, policy, and support.

The Journal provides a link between concept and preparation in the field. Papers account key results of clinical and public research, and considerations of programme development.

The journal is planned in such a way that it helps pediatricians to keep their subject knowledge up-to-date regarding various pediatric disorders. 

Editorial Information:

As shortly as the article is acknowledged by journal it will take about one to two months for the first issue to get available on global platform.

Acceptance of the article by journal only depends upon the quality and novelty of the research and it’s implication to our readers.

Every month an issue associated with Pediatrics and Pediatric medicine would be released and total number of issues published by the Journal would be 4 times for every year.